Amazon Fire Tablet is a budget device with good quality.

But sometimes you may feel uncomfortable with the Amazon Appstore and the default Fire Launcher. And you want to replace them.
So here is the way to do.

1. Preparation

1.1 Install ADB on your PC

If you are an Android developer, you must be familiar with ADB (Android Debug Bridge) and have it installed on your PC.
If not, please check this link to see how to install it on your PC.

1.2 Enable USB debugging

First, enable Developer options on your Amazon Fire Tablet.
Open SettingsDevice OptionsAbout Fire Tablet.
Tap Serial Number 7 times.
After the first few taps, you should see the steps counting down until you unlock the developer options.
Once activated, you will see a message that reads, “You are now a developer!”

Second, enable USB debugging.
Open SettingsDevice OptionsDeveloper Options. Find the line USB debugging and turn the toogle on.

2. Install Google Play Store.

2.1 Check your Fire OS version

Open SettingsDevice OptionsSystem Updates.
You will see the text that reads, “Your device is running Fire OS x.x.x.x”.

2.2 Download Google Play Store APK

Different Fire OS version requires different APK, so choose the files based on your Fire OS version.

Fire OS 5

  1. Google Account Manager, 5.1-1743759
  2. Google Services Framework, 5.1-1743759
  3. Google Play services 11.7.44 (230-173432861)
  4. Google Play Store 8.5.39.W-all [0] [PR] 178322352

Fire OS 6

  1. Google Account Manager 7.1.2
  2. Google Services Framework 7.1.2
  3. Google Play services 14.3.66 (040300-213742215)
  4. Google Play Store 12.0.19-all [0] [PR] 215617186

Fire OS 7

  1. Google Account Manager 7.1.2
  2. Google Services Framework 9-4832352
  3. Google Play services 19.5.68 (100300-276768403)
  4. Google Play Store 17.3.16-all [0] [PR] 277156053

2.3 Install APK to your device

First, connect your Amazon Fire tablet to your PC.
Try to run adb command to check if your PC recognises it.

adb devices

List of devices attached
G2211D0909371123	device

Install 4 APK files in the correct order.

Order App names File name
1 Account Manager
2 Services Framework
3 Play Services
4 Play Store

Install using adb

abd install your_file_path

After finished you will see Play Store app on your Kindle. Congratulations!

3. Replace default Fire Launcher

3.1 Install another Launcher app

There are many Launcher apps on Play Store. Try to download some and find the one suitable for you.
I’m using Microsoft Launcher and feel very comfortable with it.

3.2 Disable default Fire Launcher

Run the following command

adb shell pm disable-user

It will disable Fire Launcher.
Now when you press Home button, your new Launcher will becomes a default one.

4. Disable other unused Amazon apps

4.1 Remove Ads when screen lock

Use the same command to disable any Amazon app you don’t want to use

For example, disable Amazon ads (the ads you see everytime you turn off and turn on the screen)

adb shell pm disable-user

4.2 List of Amazon apps

Here is the list of Amazon apps’ app ID you may want to know.

App ID App names Fire Launcher Amazon Ads Amazon News Amazon Game Amazon Map Amazon Map Amazon Map Amazon Photo Flee Time Audible Goodreads Goodreads Amazon Document