You finished implementing your Server-side Swift App.
Everything works well in localhost. Now you want to sent it off to Heroku so that you can share your app with the world.

Here is the guideline to deploy your Swift App to Heroku.


  1. Register a free Heroku Account here.
  2. Install Heroku CLI

Check if you have Heroku CLI installed in your machine, try to login

heroku login

If now, follow steps in this link to install it.
In macOS, easily install via Homebrew:

brew install heroku/brew/heroku

Remember run a login command after you installed it.

Create Procfile

Heroku uses Procfile to specify the commands that will be executed.
Create a new file, named it Procfile, in the root of your project. Add the following to it.

web: myProjectName

Replace myProjectName with your Package Name (defined in Package.swift).
Learn more about Procfile here.

Create App in Heroku

In your project folder, run the following command to create an app in Heroku.

heroku create --buildpack

Buildpacks is a set of scripts that help deploying your app.
Currently Heroku doesn’t have official Buildpacks for Swift. So we use an open source one.
Learn more about Buildpacks here.

Push your code to Heroku

Remember to commit all your code to master branch, and push it to Heroku.

git push heroku master

This command does not only push your code, but also start your app. It will take some minutes to finish.

Open your app in browser

heroku open