You want to run a simple local HTTP Server on your local PC. You want to test your html, js,… files locally. Here is the easiest way to do it. 1. Using SimpleHTTPServer Create your test folder, move all your html, js files to that folder. $ mkdir test $ cd test Check your python version $ python --version If you have Python version 2, run SimpleHTTPServer using $ python -m SimpleHTTPServer 1313 If you have Python version 3, using

Sometimes, after updating your Cocoapods to the lastest version (find out how to do it here), you don’t like it and want to downgrade it back. Or you just want to install a specific version (not the latest). How to do it? Check your current pod version: $ pod --version Check your installed pod versions: $ gem list cocoapods You may see the result like this *** LOCAL GEMS *** cocoapods (1.

1. Why choosing Jekyll? Free, open souce Easy to install and use Many free themes. 2. Install Jekyll Install the command-line tools to be able to compile native extensions: $ xcode-select --install Install Ruby via Homebrew: $ brew install ruby Add Ruby path to your shell config. Replace ~/.zshrc with ~/.bashrc if you are using bash. $ echo 'export PATH="/usr/local/opt/ruby/bin:$PATH"' >> ~/.zshrc Relaunch your terminal and check your updated Ruby setup.

You finished implementing your Server-side Swift App. Everything works well in localhost. Now you want to sent it off to Heroku so that you can share your app with the world. Here is the guideline to deploy your Swift App to Heroku. Prerequisites Register a free Heroku Account here. Install Heroku CLI Check if you have Heroku CLI installed in your machine, try to login heroku login If now, follow steps in this link to install it.

In some reasons, you might want to store an UIImage, that is generated using Core Graphics, or from device’s Photo Gallery via UIImagePickerController, to a local file as PNG or a JPEG format.

By using UIImagePNGRepresentation() or UIImageJPEGRepresentation(), UIImage will be converted into Data so you can write it to local file easily.

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